Evan Hunter has worked with ScholarLeaders International since 2004. He is currently Vice President for Integration and Executive Editor for the InSights Journal. Through SL, he has had the opportunity to serve hundreds of theological leaders across the Majority World. He holds a PhD in Educational Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He and his family live near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Where We Do Our Theology Matters

“It used to be that we did our theology in the school and then went and practiced it Now we are doing our theology out of our practice,” says Taras Dyatlik, Regional Director for Overseas Council and consultant to the ScholarLeaders Vital SustainAbility project He shared these words over Zoom,..... read more

Roundtable: Ukrainian Men’s Voices

Introduction: Evan Hunter “It has begun”: Taras Dyatlik and I looked at each other in the hallway of the apartment we shared on the campus of University Divitia Gratiae (UDG) in Moldova Four days before, we had arrived in Chisinau For the first two days, against the backdrop of rising..... read more

Amplifying Voices in the Conversation

Several years ago, while attending a theology conference that included renowned scholars, emerging faculty, and doctoral students, I was struck by who was not present: non-Western Christian leaders Too often, whether in the halls of conference centers or in the pages of journals, a vast majority..... read more

What Are We Learning? A Critical Question for Theological Institutions in a Time of Disruption

“You talk about coming out of the pandemic, but we are very much in the middle of it”: Those words, spoken by a friend in Latin America, stand as a stark reminder that the COVID-19 crisis has not only impacted the world but continues to do so Theological education in particular has not escaped..... read more

Continuing On After the Hurricane

For many of us, time seems to have stopped since the term “COVID-19” entered the global lexicon Yet, in theological education, things have also sped up, as many leaders find themselves busier than ever – meeting immediate needs in the community, shifting to virtual learning, scrambling to..... read more

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis: Moving from Desperation to Hope in Theological Education

“We live in an unprecedented time” Those words, alongside adjectives like “strange,” “unique,” and “challenging,” have been repeated frequently since the term “novel coronavirus” entered the collective lexicon In the last 50 years, perhaps no other event has impacted so much of..... read more

Respondendo à crise do COVID-19: do Desespero à Esperança na Educação Teológica

“Vivemos em uma época sem precedentes” Essas palavras, junto com adjetivos como “estranho”, “único” e “desafiador”, têm sido repetidas com frequência desde que o termo “novo coronavírus” entrou no léxico coletivo Nos últimos 50 anos, talvez nenhum outro evento tenha..... read more


La crise COVID-19 a créé une perturbation sans précédent pour l'enseignement théologique mondial En quelques semaines, la quasi-totalité de l'enseignement en face à face a cessé dans le monde entier La plupart des écoles se sont empressées de sauver le reste du trimestre en passant à..... read more

Une liste de contrôle de base : Planification de la prochaine rentrée académique

Modèle éducatif pour le prochain semestre (ou les deux semestres) Notes : Pour les universités américaines, Inside Higher Education a décrit cet automne 15 possibilités de réouverture - trois catégories principales avec des variantes (par exemple, les départs différés, les..... read more