Ted Ward: A Global Legacy

In January 2016, Dr Ted W Ward entered eternal rest He is internationally recognized for his enduring contribution to educational studies and Christian education as Professor of Education at Michigan State University, and as Professor of Christian Education and the founder of research doctoral..... read more

A Legacy that Speaks Today

African cultures value the lasting memories of those who have passed on as evidenced by John Mbiti’s famous documentation of the African philosophy of “the living dead,” which immortalizes the legacy of ancestors The writer of the Letter to the Hebrews provides a striking analogy that..... read more

An Indelible Mark

My first encounter with Dr Ward was in 1995 at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL I had been accepted into the doctoral program in Educational Studies and Dr Ward was a major reason why I decided on this program I first heard about Ted from Dr Jim Pluddeman, my academic adviser..... read more

The Gift of Listening

We praise God for the life of Ted Ward We first met him in the early 1990s when Bulus was studying at TEDS We reconnected a decade later when Rose came back to earn her PhD at TEDS We consider ourselves Ted’s “academic grandchildren” We were both students of Victor Cole at Jos ECWA..... read more

A Friend with a Global Perspective

“Ho, Ho, Ho! You must be wishing that you could be back home in Singapore,” said a smiling Ted Ward to me on a cold winter morning in Deerfield, Illinois He was holding a mug with steaming brewed coffee in one hand and a briefcase in the other He was walking toward his office on the campus of..... read more