The Impact of COVID-19 on Seminaries in Northern Nigeria

Directive to Close Schools The first case of COVID-19 in Nigeria was announced on February 29, 2020 On March 19, 2020, the Federal Ministry of Education closed schools As of August 5, 2020, Nigerian schools are still closed, with the exception of students taking final year examinations Now,..... read more

When Disaster Strikes: Processing the Pandemic’s Psychological Impact

When the Philippine government announced a comprehensive lockdown in metro Manila on March 16, including the cancellation of classes at all levels, Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) immediately shifted to online learning Since ATS has been doing hybrid learning for some time, we thought that the..... read more

The Other Side of COVID-19: Learning Lessons from the Pandemic at Shalom Bible Seminary

The Shocks The COVID-19 pandemic hit India near the end of our academic session India’s sudden lockdown struck Shalom Bible Seminary like a lightning bolt: With few hours to spare, we sent our students scrambling for state and international borders that were soon to close After great..... read more

Intersections of Theology and Other Disciplines in the Face of COVID-19: Reappraising the Theological Education Curricula for the Enhancement of Holistic Training

As the pandemic hit, the world focused on disruptions to healthcare, supply chains, and economics Cultural disruptions have not received as much attention During the pandemic, cultures dear to us have been dramatically altered In eastern sub-Saharan Africa, my own context, the concept of ubuntu..... read more

Servir la communauté du séminaire dans un pays en conflit: Cinq leçons apprises au Séminaire biblique de Colombie

Les communautés estudiantines sont des petites représentations de la société et de l'histoire d'un pays A ce titre, le Séminaire biblique de Colombie (FUSBC) incarne des aspects tels que la joie, l'amitié et un certain "réalisme magique" que l'on retrouve en Amérique latine Le programme de..... read more

La prédication bouddhiste dans le Theravada Sri Lanka contemporain: Leçons pour l’Église

Introduction Au Sri Lanka, la prédication bouddhiste envahit l'air tout au long de la journée dans les salles de prédication, les cérémonies publiques, à la télévision et même à la radio dans les taxis Depuis deux mille ans, la prédication a formé non seulement les fidèles du..... read more

Defining Prophetic Voice as a Calling for the Theological School

Abstract Although they often practice theological research and reflection, many theological schools have not developed a prophetic voice – a sense of missional calling that addresses specific problems facing the Church and society As an act of stewardship, the institution can develop this..... read more

Finishing Well: A Reflection on Leadership Transition

Not all leaders get to choose the time at which they will away step from their responsibilities, and not all transitions at South Asian Institute for Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) in Bangalore, India, have gone well However, after twenty-four years of involvement at SAIACS, the last ten..... read more

A Philippine Reflection: Asian Theological Seminary and Two New Programs

Abstract Two key strategic priorities – vocation formation among the diaspora and communal spiritual formation – emerged from consultations with global partners and the Vital SustainAbility Initiative These two priorities are translated into new programs fulfilling the seminary’s mission..... read more

Buddhist Preaching in Contemporary Theravada Sri Lanka: Lessons for the Church

Introduction In Sri Lanka, Buddhist preaching fills the air throughout the day in preaching halls, public ceremonies, on TV, and even over the radios in taxi cabs For two thousand years, preaching has shaped not only the devotees of Buddhism but also the culture of Sri Lanka The following will..... read more