Book Review: Beyond Profession

Aleshire, Daniel O Beyond Profession: The Next Future of Theological Education Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2021 Summary Beyond Profession is a reflection regarding the future of theological education in North America by Daniel O Aleshire, former executive..... read more

Book Review: Challenging Tradition

Challenging Tradition: Innovation in Advanced Theological Education, eds Perry Shaw and Havilah Dharamraj Carlisle, UK: Langham Global Library, 2018 Summary Challenging Tradition, this book’s title, indicates that this is not another traditional resource on theological education (TE)..... read more

Book Review: Asian Christian Theology

Asian Christian Theology: Evangelical Perspectives, eds Timotheo D Gener and Stephen T Pardue Carlisle, UK: Langham Global Library, 2019   Asian Christian Theology (ACT) seeks to “approach Christian theology that is biblically rooted, historically aware, contextually engaged, and broadly..... read more

Book Review: Deininger, F. and Equizabal, O., Editors (2013). Leadership in Theological Education, Vol. 1: Foundations for Academic Leadership.

The first volume on Leadership in Theological Education series focuses on the role of the Academic Dean in the life of the seminary including sections on the foundations of theological leadership, the responsibilities and characteristics of academic leadership, and the general leadership practices..... read more

Book Review: Taking Up the Mantle: Latin American Evangelical Theology in the 20th Century

In Taking Up the Mantle, J Daniel Salinas weaves together complex threads of a Latin American Evangelicalism that has roots in religious divisions in Europe in the 17th century, reached Latin America in the missionary movements of the 19th century, and remains somewhat fragmented today..... read more

Theological Education in the Western Hemisphere: Select Histories and Current Trends – A Review Essay

Theological education in North America particularly, but also across the EuroAmerican West more generally, is undergoing sea changes This review attends to some of the developments, focusing specifically on four recent books published by Wipf and Stock1 Consideration of these volumes will help..... read more

Forming the Practice of Theological Education

As a teacher, Ted Ward valued and practiced holistic inquiry into truth, learning in community, and responsible service (not just knowledge for knowledge’s sake) He was one of the chief influences on my life A Different View of Education: I will not forget my first seminar as a new doctoral..... read more

Book Review: Ferenczi, Jason. Serving Communities: Governance and the Potential of Theological Schools.

I have been serving for more than a decade as the President of a theological school in the Majority World: Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon Questions of contextual relevance have been at the forefront of our thinking for many years As our context changes rapidly, we have been..... read more

Book Review: González, Justo L. The History of Theological Education

If we imagine the great Church Fathers and ancient theologians graduating summa cum laude from the most prestigious seminaries of the ancient world, then Justo González has a surprise for us Seminaries are actually a recent development, established less than 500 years ago to prepare those called..... read more

Book Review: Shaw, Perry. Transforming Theological Education: A Practical Handbook for Integrative Learning.

In Transforming Theological Education: A Practical Handbook for Integrative Learning, Perry Shaw, Professor of Christian Education at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut, Lebanon, addresses problems familiar to theological educators around the world These challenges include..... read more