New Viewing Option for Vol. 7, No. 2

Experience InsightsJournal as a digital flipbook with a full screen option, page turning effects, and easy zoom features In addition to our downloadable PDF format, you can now view the Journal as a flipbook on any device offering you a digital reading experience of turning the..... read more

Where We Do Our Theology Matters

“It used to be that we did our theology in the school and then went and practiced it Now we are doing our theology out of our practice,” says Taras Dyatlik, Regional Director for Overseas Council and consultant to the ScholarLeaders Vital SustainAbility project He shared these words over Zoom,..... read more

A Response to Jack Robinson’s “Early History of FATEB”: Experience from the Shalom Faculty of Evangelical Theology

Editor’s Note: Chad has long been marked by armed conflict On 20 April 2021, Chad’s president, Idriss Déby, was killed by militants while he was on the front lines commanding soldiers against a rebel group in northern Chad Déby had survived several coup attempts and uprisings After his..... read more

Theological Education in Muslim-Majority Contexts: Challenges and A Proposed Approach

Abstract This article discusses some challenges facing Christian theological institutions in the Muslim World and addresses three in particular Though these are true challenges, this article will demonstrate how they can become opportunities for success and service to God and the community..... read more

Faculty Enrichment for Impact: A Schema for Holistic Faculty Development

Abstract In recent years Majority World theological education (TE) has focused on impact, relating to the end results of TE efforts and curriculum processes This article asks what sort of seminary faculty members are needed to ensure better impact It presents a schema for competent faculty that..... read more

Roundtable: Ukrainian Women’s Voices

Introduction: Evelyn Reynolds On the morning of February 24, my husband and I woke up to the news that Russia had invaded Ukraine My husband’s family is Slovenian; he had spent time in Russia in college As ScholarLeaders (SL) staff, I had been closely following SL’s work with seminaries in..... read more

Roundtable: Ukrainian Men’s Voices

Introduction: Evan Hunter “It has begun”: Taras Dyatlik and I looked at each other in the hallway of the apartment we shared on the campus of University Divitia Gratiae (UDG) in Moldova Four days before, we had arrived in Chisinau For the first two days, against the backdrop of rising..... read more