Volker Glissmann has served as the Executive Director of Theological Education by Extension (TEEM) since 2010. Founded in 1978, TEEM is a Malawian Christian training institute that provides decentralized theological education for ministerial and grassroots training. Volker earned his PhD in Old Testament from Queen’s University Belfast and his MA in Theological Education from the London School of Theology. The Glissman family lives in Zomba, Malawi.

Grassroots Theological Education

Abstract Grassroots theological education should be viewed as an intrinsic part of theological education It is part of a three-fold model of theological engagement: grassroots, ministerial, and academic All three types of learning operate on the same continuum, yet each has a distinct purpose,..... read more

Christian Reflective Practice: Prayer as a Tool for Reflection and Application in Theological Education

Abstract: Reflection and application are integral for deep learning and for bridging the theory-practice gap, especially in Christian formation A survey of the literature in both general education and Christian education deepens the theoretical understanding of the impact of reflection and..... read more