Timothy M. Muthusi holds an MA in Development Communication from Daystar University and a BTh from Scott Christian University. He is a student at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, U.K. In his dissertation, he seeks to establish the value of theological ethics and political communication ethics in addressing corruption in Kenya. In addition to his studies, he serves as the ordained Senior Pastor at Africa Inland Church Chaani, Mombasa - Kenya, a visiting lecturer at Pwani International Christian College, and an adjunct instructor at Scott Christian University.

Intersections of Theology and Other Disciplines in the Face of COVID-19: Reappraising the Theological Education Curricula for the Enhancement of Holistic Training

As the pandemic hit, the world focused on disruptions to healthcare, supply chains, and economics Cultural disruptions have not received as much attention During the pandemic, cultures dear to us have been dramatically altered In eastern sub-Saharan Africa, my own context, the concept of ubuntu..... read more