Timoteo D. Gener (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is Professor of Theology and President of Asian Theological Seminary. He currently heads the the seminary’s Division of Online Learning as well. Among his recent essays was an Asian contribution in "Jesus Without Borders: Christology in the Majority World," edited by G. Green, K. K. Yeo, and S. Pardue (Eerdmans, 2014).

A Philippine Reflection: Asian Theological Seminary and Two New Programs

Abstract Two key strategic priorities – vocation formation among the diaspora and communal spiritual formation – emerged from consultations with global partners and the Vital SustainAbility Initiative These two priorities are translated into new programs fulfilling the seminary’s mission..... read more

Re-Viewing Social Presence in Light of Jesus’ Friendship with Implications for Online Theological Education

Abstract: Gener presents Christian friendship as a biblical and theological model for increasing social presence in online theological education As more schools adopt technologically mediated distributed education, a concern for the academic and spiritual formation of students arises Gener argues..... read more