Dr. Sanyu Iralu is Principal of Shalom Bible Seminary, Kohima, Nagaland, India. He earned his PhD in New Testament from South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (India). He teaches hermeneutics, Greek, and Pauline thought. This essay is distilled from his longer article, “Towards Formulating a COVID-19 Theology: A Call to Translate Theological Education to Practising Theology for the Church Community and Society,” in Thinking Theologically in Lockdown: Reflections during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Kohima: NV Press, 2020), 1-20.

The Other Side of COVID-19: Learning Lessons from the Pandemic at Shalom Bible Seminary

The Shocks The COVID-19 pandemic hit India near the end of our academic session India’s sudden lockdown struck Shalom Bible Seminary like a lightning bolt: With few hours to spare, we sent our students scrambling for state and international borders that were soon to close After great..... read more