Dr. Roman Soloviy is a Chairman of the Eastern European Institute of Theology (Lviv, Ukraine) and Regional Editor for Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia at Langham Literature. He has taught and researched in various areas, including continental philosophy, postmodern Christianity, and the theology of hospitality. He served as President of Lviv Theological Seminary (2004-2011) and as Director of Euro-Asian Accrediting Association Research and Resource Center (2011-2019). From 2015 to the present, he is the editor-in-chief of the Eastern European Journal of Theology: Theological Reflections. Roman is also a teaching pastor at the First Pentecostal Church in Lviv. As a Christian scholar, author, and pastor, Roman strives to inspire a new generation of theologians and leaders to answer the challenges of the Eastern European church and society.

Theological Education in Wartime: Ukrainian Evangelical Seminaries as Communities of Compassion, Reflection, and Hope

Author’s Note: This article is based on my presentation at the 2023 CEEAMS conference: https://ceeamsorg/upcoming-conferences/ceeams-annual-conference-2023/ On the morning of February 24, 2022, the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces upended the entire nation Of course, Ukrainian..... read more