Meritt Sawyer co-founded FACT, which provided scholarships for people from the Majority World to do PhDs in theology. FACT is now part of Langham Partnership, which Meritt served as International Program Director. She is now Executive Pastor of Peninsula Covenant Church in California (U.S.A.). In addition, she serves on the boards of Fuller Theological Seminary, Christianity Today, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, and ScholarLeaders International. She earned a Masters in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. She facilitates the ScholarLeaders Women’s PeerLeader Forum.

Roundtable: Reflections from Women in Theological Leadership

Introduction: Annelle Gumihid-Sabanal Recently, significant positive shifts have happened in society in the perception of women and in opportunities given to women While the evangelical community is catching up with this trend, changes have not been as extensive within as outside Although women..... read more