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Atteindre la pérennité: Stratégie et planification de la formation théologique

Philippe Mélanchthon, le yin essentiel du yang de Martin Luther, a mené la réforme de l'éducation luthérienne L'époque exigeait de nouveaux matériels et de nouvelles formes d'éducation, et ce qui absorba une grande partie de son attention depuis sa conférence inaugurale à Wittenberg en..... read more

In Pursuit of Sustainability: Strategy & Planning for Theological Education

Philip Melanchthon, the essential yin to Martin Luther’s yang, led reformation of Lutheran education The times demanded new educational materials and forms, and consumed much of his attention from his inaugural lecture at Wittenberg in August 1518 until his death in April 1560 Melanchthon’s..... read more

Olive Oil, Theological Education, and Economics

Our town in Italy is famous for the flavor and quality of its olive oil A neighbor has 3,000 mature trees, well-spaced and perfectly pruned, located on a hillside with ample sun exposure He is experienced and competent, and his family has been producing oil for generations Yet he loses an average..... read more