Dr. Jason Richard Tan is a GProAssociate and is responsible for curating online pastoral training resources for the GProLearning website, a ministry of the GProCommission for Trainers of Pastors. He also serves as International Catalyst for TOPIC (Trainers of Pastors International Community) and as a member of the Church Health Commission of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches. He is president of the Great Commission Missionary Training Center in Antipolo City, the Philippines. Dr. Tan is a graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where he earned his PhD in Intercultural Studies (2012), and of the Asia Graduate School of Theology, where he earned his ThM in Systematic Theology (2004), and of the Alliance Graduate School, where he earned his MDiv in Missiology (2001).

Matrices for Understanding Pastoral Leadership and Implications for the Global Landscape of Theological Education

Abstract Measurements of pastoral training would be of immense value to the Global Church This paper attempts to create matrices that allow trainers to measure pastors’ needs for training based on their past leadership experience and context The proposed matrices identify various stages in a..... read more