Dr. Ian Payne was brought up in Kerala, where his New Zealand parents George and Bettie Payne were Christian workers until 1967. After beginning his career in architecture, he returned to India in 1994 to study at SAIACS. He was a SAIACS faculty member for four years and then visited SAIACS annually to teach theology. Building on a study of Karl Barth, his PhD discussed parallels between God’s love and human knowing. His research interests are epistemology, the Trinity, and mission. He has served as Principal of Pathways Bible and Mission College in Auckland, New Zealand and as Principal of SAIACS. He is author of "Wouldn’t You Love to Know? Trinitarian Epistemology and Pedagogy."

Becoming More Truly Christ’s Followers and More Truly South Asian

“Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are” Jose Ortega y Gasset A welter of challenges faces the church in South Asia Some are daunting, but each is an opportunity the Christian community can engage and use The key challenge concerns identity Over the last..... read more