Diana Lucía Peñuela is a theologian and psychologist with a Master’s in clinical psychology. She has years of experience in mentoring women and youth, counseling, and developing community projects. She currently works with the Biblical Seminary of Colombia, leading the department of Community Well-being. Together with her husband and two children, she resides in the city of Medellin, Colombia.

Servir la communauté du séminaire dans un pays en conflit: Cinq leçons apprises au Séminaire biblique de Colombie

Les communautés estudiantines sont des petites représentations de la société et de l'histoire d'un pays A ce titre, le Séminaire biblique de Colombie (FUSBC) incarne des aspects tels que la joie, l'amitié et un certain "réalisme magique" que l'on retrouve en Amérique latine Le programme de..... read more

Serving the Seminary Community in a Country in Conflict: Five Lessons Learned at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia

Student communities are miniature representations of the society and history of a country As such, Biblical Seminary of Colombia (FUSBC) embodies traits such as joy, friendship, and a certain “magical realism” found in Latin America The seminary’s theology curriculum comes from both the..... read more