Professor David Musiande Kasali is Founder, President, and Legal Representative of Congo Initiative and Rector of the Christian Bilingual University of the Congo (UCBC). Professor David Musiande Kasali has a PhD in Theology from Trinity International University and a Master of Divinity from the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST), where he also served as Vice Chancellor for eight years. Professor David Musiande Kasali is married to Dr. Kaswera Kasali, and they have three children.

Reverse Innovation: A Response

Progress in theological education does not always begin with copying a model from somewhere else Instead, “progress may require listening more carefully to the market and developing an entirely different approach in response to emerging needs” (Hunter 2016, 11) What eventually led to the Congo..... read more

Inverser l’Innovation: Une Réponse

Le progrès dans la formation théologique n’est pas toujours résultat de l’émulation d’un modèle préexistant Par contre, «le progrès peut requérir de prêter une oreille attentive à la demande sur le marché (dans la société) en vue de développer une approche totalement..... read more