Dr. Athena E. Gorospe serves at Asian Theological Seminary (Manila, the Philippines) as Associate Professor for Old Testament, Biblical Theology, Transformation Theology, and Hebrew. She received her PhD in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2006 with ScholarLeaders LeaderStudies and Langham Partnership USA support. She has published widely on creation care, the marginalized, peace, and lament; her most recent book is a commentary on Judges for the Asia Bible Commentary Series.

Roundtable: Reflections from Women in Theological Leadership

Introduction: Annelle Gumihid-Sabanal Recently, significant positive shifts have happened in society in the perception of women and in opportunities given to women While the evangelical community is catching up with this trend, changes have not been as extensive within as outside Although women..... read more

When Disaster Strikes: Processing the Pandemic’s Psychological Impact

When the Philippine government announced a comprehensive lockdown in metro Manila on March 16, including the cancellation of classes at all levels, Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) immediately shifted to online learning Since ATS has been doing hybrid learning for some time, we thought that the..... read more