Dr. Allan Harkness, New Zealand, has over 30 years of theological education experience in Asia (including as the Founding Dean of AGST Alliance). An ICETE Senior Consultant, he is an educator at heart, fascinated by transformative learning, adult and theological education, and what educators bring to – and receive from – their educational roles. Allan may be contacted at allan.harkness@gmail.com.

Towards perspective transformation: Transformative learning in a Majority World MTh program with implications for Majority World theological education

Abstract Transformative learning is essential for effective theological education A case study of a Majority World MTh program explores the extent to which perspective transformation (how people process their experiences, leading to transformed, new ways of relating and acting) occurred in the..... read more

Faculty Enrichment for Impact: A Schema for Holistic Faculty Development

Abstract In recent years Majority World theological education (TE) has focused on impact, relating to the end results of TE efforts and curriculum processes This article asks what sort of seminary faculty members are needed to ensure better impact It presents a schema for competent faculty that..... read more