Abel Ngarsouledé is married to Ruth Nenodji. They have five children (four boys and one girl). In the church, he is the coordinator of Christian Education at the Good News Christian Assembly of N’Djamena and a member of the Theological Commission of the Christian Assemblies in Chad (ACT). In the university, he is a lecturer with CITAF; he serves as General Secretary of the doctoral training and research unit at FATES; and he teaches and researches at the Evangelical University of Chad (UET). He also supervises theses across several institutions.

A Response to Jack Robinson’s “Early History of FATEB”: Experience from the Shalom Faculty of Evangelical Theology

Editor’s Note: Chad has long been marked by armed conflict On 20 April 2021, Chad’s president, Idriss Déby, was killed by militants while he was on the front lines commanding soldiers against a rebel group in northern Chad Déby had survived several coup attempts and uprisings After his..... read more