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Spring/Summer 2020 Situation “Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis: Moving from Desperation to Hope in Theological Education” outlines the current state of theological education in the midst of the crisis, with special attention to schools located in the Majority World It also points to..... read more

La prédication bouddhiste dans le Theravada Sri Lanka contemporain: Leçons pour l’Église

Introduction Au Sri Lanka, la prédication bouddhiste envahit l'air tout au long de la journée dans les salles de prédication, les cérémonies publiques, à la télévision et même à la radio dans les taxis Depuis deux mille ans, la prédication a formé non seulement les fidèles du..... read more

Atteindre la pérennité: Stratégie et planification de la formation théologique

Philippe Mélanchthon, le yin essentiel du yang de Martin Luther, a mené la réforme de l'éducation luthérienne L'époque exigeait de nouveaux matériels et de nouvelles formes d'éducation, et ce qui absorba une grande partie de son attention depuis sa conférence inaugurale à Wittenberg en..... read more

Tant de choses reposent sur la mission

William Carlos Williams a écrit le célèbre poème intitulé “Une brouette et des poulets” Tant de choses dépendent de la brouette rouge vernie de pluie, à côté des poules blanches Avec des pauses irrégulières et un mépris des règles grammaticales, ces mots illustrent..... read more

Defining Prophetic Voice as a Calling for the Theological School

Abstract Although they often practice theological research and reflection, many theological schools have not developed a prophetic voice – a sense of missional calling that addresses specific problems facing the Church and society As an act of stewardship, the institution can develop this..... read more

Grassroots Theological Education

Abstract Grassroots theological education should be viewed as an intrinsic part of theological education It is part of a three-fold model of theological engagement: grassroots, ministerial, and academic All three types of learning operate on the same continuum, yet each has a distinct purpose,..... read more

Finishing Well: A Reflection on Leadership Transition

Not all leaders get to choose the time at which they will away step from their responsibilities, and not all transitions at South Asian Institute for Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) in Bangalore, India, have gone well However, after twenty-four years of involvement at SAIACS, the last ten..... read more

Matrices for Understanding Pastoral Leadership and Implications for the Global Landscape of Theological Education

Abstract Measurements of pastoral training would be of immense value to the Global Church This paper attempts to create matrices that allow trainers to measure pastors’ needs for training based on their past leadership experience and context The proposed matrices identify various stages in a..... read more

A Philippine Reflection: Asian Theological Seminary and Two New Programs

Abstract Two key strategic priorities – vocation formation among the diaspora and communal spiritual formation – emerged from consultations with global partners and the Vital SustainAbility Initiative These two priorities are translated into new programs fulfilling the seminary’s mission..... read more

Theological Perspectives on the Theological Education of Women in the Middle East and North Africa

Abstract This paper discusses the importance not only of including women in theological education in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, but also of encouraging them to follow God’s call regardless of patriarchal contexts It highlights the need for Arab women to be Biblically and..... read more