Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis: Moving from Desperation to Hope in Theological Education

“We live in an unprecedented time” Those words, alongside adjectives like “strange,” “unique,” and “challenging,” have been repeated frequently since the term “novel coronavirus” entered the collective lexicon In the last 50 years, perhaps no other event has impacted so much of..... read more

Leaders Who Look for More: Barriers and Supports to Majority World Leaders’ Successful Advanced Theological Training

Abstract Majority World leaders seeking advanced theological education face daunting barriers We who teach must understand the dynamics that shape who will pursue, persevere at, and fruitfully apply that investment Among other challenges, leaders seeking fresh skills and perspectives confront..... read more

The Impact of COVID-19 on Seminaries in Northern Nigeria

Directive to Close Schools The first case of COVID-19 in Nigeria was announced on February 29, 2020 On March 19, 2020, the Federal Ministry of Education closed schools As of August 5, 2020, Nigerian schools are still closed, with the exception of students taking final year examinations Now,..... read more

When Disaster Strikes: Processing the Pandemic’s Psychological Impact

When the Philippine government announced a comprehensive lockdown in metro Manila on March 16, including the cancellation of classes at all levels, Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) immediately shifted to online learning Since ATS has been doing hybrid learning for some time, we thought that the..... read more

The Other Side of COVID-19: Learning Lessons from the Pandemic at Shalom Bible Seminary

The Shocks The COVID-19 pandemic hit India near the end of our academic session India’s sudden lockdown struck Shalom Bible Seminary like a lightning bolt: With few hours to spare, we sent our students scrambling for state and international borders that were soon to close After great..... read more

Intersections of Theology and Other Disciplines in the Face of COVID-19: Reappraising the Theological Education Curricula for the Enhancement of Holistic Training

As the pandemic hit, the world focused on disruptions to healthcare, supply chains, and economics Cultural disruptions have not received as much attention During the pandemic, cultures dear to us have been dramatically altered In eastern sub-Saharan Africa, my own context, the concept of ubuntu..... read more

Respondendo à crise do COVID-19: do Desespero à Esperança na Educação Teológica

“Vivemos em uma época sem precedentes” Essas palavras, junto com adjetivos como “estranho”, “único” e “desafiador”, têm sido repetidas com frequência desde que o termo “novo coronavírus” entrou no léxico coletivo Nos últimos 50 anos, talvez nenhum outro evento tenha..... read more


La crise COVID-19 a créé une perturbation sans précédent pour l'enseignement théologique mondial En quelques semaines, la quasi-totalité de l'enseignement en face à face a cessé dans le monde entier La plupart des écoles se sont empressées de sauver le reste du trimestre en passant à..... read more

Une liste de contrôle de base : Planification de la prochaine rentrée académique

Modèle éducatif pour le prochain semestre (ou les deux semestres) Notes : Pour les universités américaines, Inside Higher Education a décrit cet automne 15 possibilités de réouverture - trois catégories principales avec des variantes (par exemple, les départs différés, les..... read more